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vSphere 5.5
RHEV 3.5
HyperV 2012R2
XenServer 6.5
ContentContent CreatorComments
 Market PositionComments
PricingVirtualization ($)Comments
 Management ($)Comments
 Bundle/Kit Pricing ($)Comments
 Guest OS LicensingComments
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vSphere 5.5
RHEV 3.5
HyperV 2012R2
XenServer 6.5
GeneralCentral ManagementComments
 Virtual and PhysicalComments
 RBAC / AD-IntegrationComments
 Cross-Vendor MgmtComments
 Browser Based MgmtComments
 Adv. Operation ManagementComments
Updates and BackupHypervisor UpgradesComments
 VM PatchingComments
 Live VM SnapshotComments
 Backup Integration APIComments
 Integrated BackupComments
DeploymentAutomated Host DeploymentsComments
 VM TemplatesComments
 Tiered VM TemplatesComments
 Host ProfilesComments
 Storage ProfilesComments
OtherResource PoolsComments
 Self Service PortalComments
 Orchestration / WorkflowsComments
 Systems ManagementComments
VM Mobility and HA
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vSphere 5.5
RHEV 3.5
HyperV 2012R2
XenServer 6.5
VM MobilityLive Migration of VMsComments
 Migration CompatibilityComments
 Maintenance ModeComments
 Automated Live MigrationComments
 Power ManagementComments
 Storage MigrationComments
HA/DRCluster SizeComments
 Integrated HA (Restart vm)Comments
 Automatic VM ResetComments
 VM Lockstep ProtectionComments
 Application/Service HAComments
 Replication / Site FailoverComments
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vSphere 5.5
RHEV 3.5
HyperV 2012R2
XenServer 6.5
GeneralHypervisor Details/SizeComments
Host Config Max Consolidation RatioComments
 Max CPU - HostComments
 Max Cores per CPUComments
 Max Memory - HostComments
VM Config Max vCPU per VMComments
 Max RAM per VMComments
 Serial PortsComments
 Hot Add/PlugComments
MemoryDynamic / Over-CommitComments
 Memory Page SharingComments
 HW Memory TranslationComments
InteroperabilityOVF SupportComments
 HW CompatibilityComments
 Guest OS SupportComments
 Scripting / APIsComments
 Cloud APIComments
Network and Storage
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vSphere 5.5
RHEV 3.5
HyperV 2012R2
XenServer 6.5
StorageSupported StorageComments
 SAN MultipathComments
 Shared File SystemComments
 Boot From SANComments
 Boot from USBComments
 Virtual Disk FormatComments
 Max Disk SizeComments
 Thin Disk ProvisioningComments
 NPIV SupportComments
 Linked ImagesComments
 SW Storage Replication Comments
 Virtual SANComments
 Storage Integration (API)Comments
 Storage QoSComments
NetworkingAdvanced Network SwitchComments
 NIC TeamingComments